Are your sales reps REALLY ready to engage buyers and win more deals? Now you know.

The insight to improve sales readiness and performance

Brainshark analytics provide a deeper understanding of how knowledge and behavior affect sales outcomes, so sales organizations can make smarter decisions.

Sales Enablement Analytics with Brainshark

Sales onboarding: Track progress and determine whether your new hires are truly ready to sell.

Continuous training: Monitor the content reps view to stay up-to-speed on key new sales initiatives.

Tying content to revenue: Identify the content that helps reps prepare to close deals and when to use it - directly in Salesforce.

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"Brainshark dashboards and reports eliminate all the guesswork. They show how training influences our sales performance and how content impacts our pipeline."

Nick Mehta

Analytics dashboards for sales, training and marketing

Analytics dashboards and detailed reports make it easy to see which content resonates most with viewers - complete with charts, graphs and maps - all from a single screen.

Analytics at your fingertips

Learning Analytics: Gauge training effectiveness while easily tracking who's passed, who's enrolled, and who's completed their courses.

Audience Engagement: Identify your most valuable content by tracking clicks, views, retention, and more.

Viewing Charts: Dig deeper into audience viewing behavior with details on exactly who watched your presentations, when and for how long.

Detailed Reporting: Create and access actionable reports, apply advanced filters, and schedule regular email updates.