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How to Reduce Time-to-Productivity for New Hires [Q&A]
Most sales enablement leaders haven’t been practitioners for very long. Kara Underwood is a big exception.
Here are 17 key sales skills all reps should have.
17 Sales Skills Every Rep Should Have
Salespeople need to know a lot in order to succeed. But above all, they need the right skills in order to connect with buyers.
Our Friend, Jim Ninivaggi
Brainshark remembers Jim Ninivaggi, a beloved colleague, mentor and friend to everyone at our company, in the wake of his unexpected passing.
4 Ways Sales Readiness Tools Support Better Onboarding
Sales Enablement Pros: What’s Missing from Your LinkedIn Profile?
The sales enablement leaders who highlight their results and accomplishments are the ones who really stand out.
3 Timeless Sales Management Lessons from Dale Carnegie
Becoming a world-class manager is all about learning how to effectively deal with everyone, from new hires to tenured team members.
3 Ways to Retain Top Talent with Sales Readiness
Finding the right sales talent isn’t easy – but even when you hire the perfect candidate, keeping them for the long-term can be a whole different challenge
How to Be a Solo Sales Enablement ‘Superhero’ [Q&A]
Running a sales enablement function by yourself can be pretty daunting. But Tactile Medical's Lisa Mauri Thomas has been there and done that.
Is Your Pharma Sales Rep Training Working?
It’s one thing to know that pharma reps have completed required training courses. It’s another to know, with confidence, that each rep is ready to do the job effectively.
In Sales, 'Perfect Practice Makes Perfect'
Establishing a culture of "perfect practice" can get to the heart of what helps reps deliver value to buyers and close more deals: sales readiness.
How to Sell Decision-Makers on a Sales Enablement Tool
To run a successful B2B sales enablement program, leaders need technology that allows their efforts to be more effective and scalable.
Why Medical Device Reps Need A Sales Enablement Tool
Today’s medical device reps have a lot on their plates, but the right technology help them have better buyer conversations.