Brainshark Launches ‘Brainshark Insurance Network’ For Life Insurance Carriers and Their Distribution Channels

"Leading Carriers Including American National Insurance, American General Life, Jackson National Life, Lincoln Benefit Life, Liberty National Life and United American Insurance Use the Network to Equip Their Channel Partners with On-Demand Sales, Marketin

NAILBA 28, HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — November 12, 2009 — Brainshark, Inc., the leader in on-demand presentations, today announced the launch of the Brainshark Insurance Network, a central site where life insurance carriers can equip and empower their distribution channels with on-demand, voice-enriched presentations for product education and marketing outreach. In conjunction with this offering, Brainshark has also launched Brainshark for Brokerages – a customized application for distribution partners accessing the Brainshark Insurance Network. Through Brainshark for Brokerages, distribution partners can view, personalize, send and track the carrier-created content – as well as create their own Brainshark presentations – to strengthen sales and marketing communications. Brainshark will demo these solutions at the annual National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA) meeting, today through Nov. 14, in Hollywood, Fla., in booth #708.

Too often, the traditional tactics carriers employ to deliver complex information and marketing materials to their distribution channels can be costly, complicated and ultimately ineffective – with glossy brochures that go unread, and webinars and audio conferences that partners can’t find time to attend. Brainshark presentations – which are viewed at their audience’s convenience and incorporate audio narration, videos, attachments, survey questions and more – are proven to maximize knowledge retention and viewer interest. Leading insurance companies – including 16 of the top 25 U.S. life and health carriers – rely on Brainshark to help them deliver timely communications to employees and distribution channels worldwide.

Brainshark Insurance Network
Now, through the introduction of the Brainshark Insurance Network, Brainshark has created a centralized, consolidated and secure portal of carrier content – geared specifically for the distribution channel – that can be easily accessed and searched. Carriers can quickly create, post and update Brainshark presentations, and distributors can browse, adapt and use content from multiple carriers in their own selling efforts. Tracking capabilities enable both parties to see how the presentations are resonating.

“We’ve already had a lot of success using Brainshark to cut costs and improve efficiencies across our business and look forward to building on that with the Brainshark Insurance Network,” said David Behrens, executive vice president, the Independent Marketing Group at American National Insurance Company. “By giving our distributors access to our high-impact, timely content, we also get peace of mind that they are describing and selling our products in a way that ensures our brand consistency. Plus, being able to see which of our presentations are viewed the most, as well as those that are less popular, helps us refine our own content creation strategies for the future.”

In addition to American National, leading life insurance carriers distributing their on-demand content on the Brainshark Insurance Network include American General Life, Jackson National Life, Lincoln Benefit Life, Liberty National Life and United American Insurance, with others joining weekly.

Brainshark for Brokerages
Through the Brainshark for Brokerages application, distribution partners who tap into the Brainshark Insurance Network receive free access to pre-approved, carrier-provided content, and can send out the presentations to reinforce their own brands. Tracking information is available to distributors on a granular scale – showing who viewed the content they sent, when it was viewed and how much was consumed. 

“I like Brainshark because it's easy to use, easy to distribute and very cost-effective,” said Robert A. Miller, vice president of marketing innovation, Ash Brokerage Corporation. “Plus, it offers great tracking and feedback. Most important, the brokers like it and use it.”

Chris Soniat, executive director of Brokerage Resources of America, added: “Being able to send a Brainshark presentation, rather than fight for time on someone’s calendar, is a great help to our brokerage agencies in their sales and marketing efforts. Brainshark for Brokerages lets our brokerage agencies distribute important content in a compelling, trackable way so they can prioritize follow-up. The ability to personalize carrier content also helps convey the value of our brokerage agencies’ brands. In addition, having a central site with information from all the carriers that our brokerage agencies work with – rather than having them comb through e-mails, newsletters and individual portals – is a huge time-saver.”

Distributors can choose among three Brainshark for Brokerages pricing tiers – with each enhanced edition incorporating all the features of its predecessor:

Free Edition

  • Access any presentation from the Brainshark Insurance Network
  • Easily send it to your target audience
  • Receive instant notification of viewing activity and weekly reports

Personalization Edition ($199/month)

  • Personalize the carrier-provided content, adding in a customized introduction and closing, and even your own logo or photo
  • Gain access to on-demand learning and best practices webinars from Brainshark, with tips on how to best leverage Brainshark for Brokerages and the Brainshark Insurance Network for selling and marketing

Standard Edition ($499/month)

  • Use Brainshark’s authoring tools to create your own content in a private site
  • Store up to five hours of content you create

“At Brainshark, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, cost-effective and memorable ways for companies to communicate,” said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. “With the Brainshark Insurance Network and Brainshark for Brokerages, we are providing life insurance carriers and their distribution partners with a proven and intuitive way to maximize sales and marketing effectiveness, and boost productivity. We look forward to expanding our content library and helping more carriers and distributors enhance their sales strategies.”

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